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This site and other sites of Aculaser Institute are a form of service to humanity for the purpose of maintenance and enhancement of good health, which is the right of all people.

The materials and advices on this site and other sites of Aculaser Institute or obtained through this site and other sites of Aculaser Institute and all that pertains to it, in whatsoever manner, do not constitute an advertisement in anyway and neither does it purport to replace or substitute your personal Medical Advisor nor alter his / her advice. The intent is only to offer in principle, information to help you cooperate with your personal Medical Advisor in your mutual quest for optimal Health.

The reader or patron of this site, by the act of accessing / reading / accepting / utilitising / obtaining / distributing the materials/information/advice/guidance of whatsoever nature and in whatsoever manner from this site, other sites of Aculaser Institute and from the Aculaser Institute proper, absolves the Aculaser Institute, its management and it's staff against all and any claims, dues, liabilities whatsoever now and in the future.


The Aculaser Institute has been awarded the Arch of Europe Award
Quality and Excellence - Paris, France

The Aculaser Institute is Patent in the United Kingdom and associated countries

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Main: 3rd Parklands Avenue,  PO. Box 46825,  00100- Nairobi, Kenya
Telephones: (+254-20) 3741179, 3744883, 3744885,  
Mobile Landline: (+254-20) 733-718337 / 722-242243.
Facsimile: (+254-20) 3747728.
Email: infodesk@aculaser-institute.com


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